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How it works

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Basic Service

The system consists of a waterproof HELP BUTTON that can be worn either as a pendant or strapped to the wrist like a watch. With the simple push of the button, get an immediate response from our operators, who will send help according to the instructions that we discussed at the time of installation. It’s important to remember that when you activate your medical alarm it is NOT necessary for the FirstCall operators to hear you. If they cannot get a response from you, for any reason, they will send help.

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senior falling on the floor
Falling is amongst the biggest threats that face our current elderly population. One single fall can lead to declining function and to the onset of major health concerns. Managing the risk and severity of falls has become an important issue for those in the medical field.

Fall Detector

The ever-present threat of falling in the elderly community has led to the advent of a device that will call for help as soon as it detects that a fall has occurred. As soon as this technology was made available, FirstCall was first in line to offer this service to all of our clients to ensure that they have access to the latest in medical alert services.

How our fall detector device works is fairly straightforward. First of all, the device is worn around the neck as a pendant. It has been found that fall detectors are most responsive when worn in this manner. Now in the case of a fall, the detector will be triggered as soon as it detects that a fall has taken place*, without the user needing to push any type of emergency button. Once triggered, the fall detector will then activate the clients’ main emergency unit and will call for help as per normal emergency procedure.

*Fall detectors do not detect 100% of falls. As a result, it is important to (whenever possible) press the emergency button, which is also built into all of our fall detectors in any case of emergency.

Protection On the Go

(Mobile) GPS + Fall Detection

Feel safe and confident while out and about! It uses GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular coverage to locate you if a fall is detected or if the button is pushed**.

We will relay your location to first responders, no matter where you are. You decide who we call. The devise has a two-way speaker and a microphone and is as loud as a cell phone on speaker.

It is showerproof and compatible with pacemakers. Designed to be worn around the neck, but it can be clipped to the belt or worn on the wrist if required.

An Alzheimer’s Situation?

Use our geofencing tracking technology**, to know if the user leaves a pre-defined area.

** Mobile systems rely on cellular telephone service and global position satellites which may not always be available, accurate or within range.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bill a third party?

Yes, we can bill another person other than the user, directly to an insurance company or to Veterans Affairs.

Do I need an extra telephone jack to connect the equipment?

No, you do not. For our type of service that uses your telephone line, we can share the jack with the current telephone set. For our On the Go (GPS) service, we do not need access to your telephone line at all.

How are we able to provide such personalized service to all of our clients?

Being based in a city as diverse as Toronto, we at FirstCall understand the importance of treating our clients as individuals. While some companies offer a more one-dimensional service to all of their prospective clients, FirstCall goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone’s unique needs are met. Through the use of our “Identification Code” system, we are able to ensure unique and personalized service to all of our clients – no matter their unique circumstances.

What is an identification code, and how does it allow for more personalized service?

When our equipment is first setup, each client is assigned a unique identification code consisting of a series of numbers and a letter. All of our clients’ personal information; such as medical history, spare key location, emergency contacts and more will be linked to their unique Identification Code. It is this code that allows us to perform such speedy and personalized monitoring for our customers. In the case of an emergency and once the emergency unit is activated, a signal will be sent to our monitoring station along with their ID code. This will allow all of our clients’ personal information to come up on screen for one of our specially trained operators to see and interpret. This is where the importance of the Identification Code comes into play. Even if the client is unable to talk back to us through the built-in two-way voice communication provided with our unit, we will still know who it is that is calling for help, and will send help according to what we agreed upon when we first installed the emergency unit.

Why should I choose FirstCall?

FirstCall Response Systems Inc. is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto. We believe our combination of personal service and robust technology makes us a reliable choice for anyone who may need instant access to emergency help with our personal response systems.

How does your service work?

If you have a Telephone Landline: Our service relies on the use of a main unit, equipped with a two-way voice communication system, as well as a waterproof personal help button that can be worn either around the neck as a pendant or around the wrist like a watch. The unit simply requires an electric outlet for power and access to a phone jack in order to connect to the user’s telephone line. In the case of an emergency, the user simply needs to push their personal help button, and the main unit will initiate communications with our monitoring station. Once the communication has been established, the user can instruct us on how to proceed. However, if for whatever reason we are unable to communicate with the user, we will dispatch either emergency services or whatever we agreed upon during the installation of the unit.

The Service if you do not have a Telephone Landline: If you do not have Telephone Landline, we will use our own cellular telephone line, to provide our service to you.

On the Go Mobile GPS unit, features a built-in cellular phone line, to allow it to contact us from your home or while you are out and about and have an emergency situation. Fall detection and geo-fencing are available options.

How much does it cost?

First Call offers services and equipment at a range of prices. Please call us for details.

Do I have to buy the equipment?

No, you just rent it for as long as you need.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, you may cancel the service at any time. We only require you to pay for the minimum term (three months) or a set-up fee (Currently $89.95 + HST) plus the first month upfront. We also like to have thirty day’s notice prior the end of the term to avoid charging you for another month.

Is your help button waterproof?

Yes, the button is waterproof.

Still have questions?

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